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Much more than a dog kennels, Rivos is a family run business with a wealth of dog handling experience.

Dog Hydrotherapy Pool

The Rivos Swim gym provides your dog with a luxurious heated swimming pool to help lame or injured dogs, or to increase your dog's fitness.

Hydrotherapy allows the body to build muscle mass around affected joints, therefore adding needed support.

Orthopaedics and General Veterinarians agree that hydrotherapy is highly recommended if your dog suffers from:
Hip or elbow displaysiaParalysisPre/post surgical conditioningMuscle regenerationArthritisBack problemsLack of exerciseNeeding weight lossGeriatric mobilisationOther joint related ailments

A 7 minute swim is equal to a 5 mile walk, demonstrating how hydrotherapy is a truly efficient form of rehabilitation and fitness for your dog.

For further details or to make an appointment, please contact Carol Rivers on 01226 767 100.

Dog Boarding Kennels

Equipped with medium to large breeds in mind, Rivos boarding kennels provides a secure and peaceful place for your dog to call home while you are away or indisposed. Our kennels are fully licensed.

Your dog will benefit from an indoor sleeping area and full time access to his own outside run. Your dog can run and play every day in our secure exercise / play area.

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